Vacancy: Platform Engineer

We are looking for an enthusiastic Platform Engineer who actively develops and manages the Cloud platform.

As a Platform engineer, you actively contribute to the architecture of state-of-the-art cloud platforms and develop cloud-native applications and tooling with technologies such as Golang and Kubernetes. You also ensure security through modern techniques such as Services Meshes and API Gateways. As a Platform Engineer, you are expected to be able to lead knowledge sharing sessions and deliver workshops as an integral part of your working week. Your expertise makes you a crucial player in the Agile Scrum/DevOps landscape, working closely with diverse teams to deliver innovative and efficient solutions. implement.

  • CI/CD Tools: Ansible, Helm, Jenkins, ArgoCD, and other related continuous delivery/integration tools.
  • Programming Languages: Experience with Golang for cloud native application development and tooling.
  • Kubernetes: Development for Kubernetes cloud environment, with knowledge of the Kubernetes API as an advantage.
  • Security: Knowledge of Identity Providers (ADFS), Security (Oauth2/OpenId), Services Meshes and API Gateways.
  • Monitoring and Logging: Experience with monitoring, alerting and logging within a cloud environment.
  • Operating Systems: Experience with CentOS/RHEL/Debian/Alma Linux and Docker.
  • Networking and Related Technologies: Experience with Networking (DNS/BGP/Etc),
  • HAProxy/NGINX, OpenSSL, and possibly Hashicorp vault.
  • DevOps and Agile Methodologies: Strong knowledge of Agile Scrum/DevOps environment and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) thinking.
  • Tooling: ArgoCD, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Fluentd (Fluentbit), Logstash, Filebeat, Prometheus, Grafana, Sonatype Nexus.

You have strong analytical skills with good communication and social skills. security awareness and a Agile mindset with a DevOps sense of responsibility.


Employment conditions

      • Salary between €4,000 and €6,500 gross per month, depending on your experience.

      • Working from home or from Boutique office in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Klarenbeek (Arnhem region)

      • Flexible working hours

      • Bonus/Profit sharing

      • Travel allowance

      • Company car

      • Budget for professional development

      • 30 vacation days

      • Pension

      • 90⁄10 rule

      • Type of employment: Full-time (40 hours per week)


    Do you have questions or comments about the employment conditions and further content of this vacancy? Please feel free to contact us!

    Certifications and training

    Do you want to follow training and become certified in the future? At Kroescontrol, “the sky is the limit”. We do not impose any financial restrictions on the study budget. We attach great importance to certificates and much is possible in consultation. Not everyone is made for training and obtains certificates just as easily. That is why our passion for technology always comes first!

    About Kroescontrol

    Kroescontrol is an ambitious company with an enthusiastic and informal working atmosphere. We specialize in cloud engineering & infrastructure automation. We work everywhere with a proactive attitude and automation mindset. Together with our clients, we look for an architecture that works and is future-proof!

    At Kroescontrol, passion for technology is the most important criterion, which is why Kroescontrol management still carries out many projects itself.

    Because Kroescontrol finds passion and enjoyment for technology so important, we have introduced the 90⁄10 rule. This means that you can use 10% of your working time to do things that make the other 90% more fun.

    In short, a company that is there for both its customers and you. Will you join us?

    PS: We try to organize something fun every month, such as karting or snowboarding, followed by a dinner. We also like to spend our free time working on Teslas, home automation and technology in general. You too?

    Do you recognize yourself in our working atmosphere and do you want to work on your own future in a fun environment? Contact +31 6 3411 6494!