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We love computers

At Kroescontrol we are passionate about technology and we believe it is the key to solving complex problems and creating valuable solutions. We are an IT company specialized in automation, mainly in the cloud. Our team of experienced technicians has extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and trends in the IT world and we continuously innovate to help our customers!

and challenges!

Our focus is on understanding the needs of our customers. We believe in providing personal attention and support to ensure our customers are satisfied with the results we deliver. We believe that our work is not just about solving problems, but also about exploring the limits of what is possible. We are proud of our extensive knowledge of the technology and we enjoy sharing this passion with our customers. Our goal is to work with our clients to achieve the best possible results and take their business to new heights.

Innovate and Elevate

Discover more about our mission and vision on our Company Profile page.

Perspective of technology and technician central

By taking the perspective of technology and technicians, a project has a greater chance of success. No financial losses, security problems with Kroescontrol. 

90/10 rule

At Kroescontrol, passion for technology and fun come first. That's why we use a 90/10 rule, which means that everyone can use 10% of their time to make the other 90% more fun. 

Our people are so passionate and love computers so much that they also enjoy using them in their daily lives.

Training and education

There is room to develop within Kroescontrol. We also offer the opportunity for training within a project. 

We are proud of our extensive knowledge and experience and we enjoy sharing this with our customers to help them grow and prosper in the rapidly changing world of technology.


For our clients, deploying our engineers through secondment is a strategic choice that offers multiple benefits. By partnering with Kroescontrol, you gain access to highly qualified Linux/Cloud/DevOps/SRE experts who can support your projects with the necessary expertise and innovative solutions.

Innovation and Expertise

Our engineers bring not only their technical skills, but also a fresh perspective and new ideas that can help tackle technical challenges and achieve your long-term goals.

Code hard, play hard!

Kroescontrol employs passionate and results-oriented engineers. Are you curious about the possibilities?

Code awesome shit!

Our engineers are certified

We are always looking for colleagues!

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