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To guarantee good cooperation, there are a number of agreements that we would like to adhere to for ourselves and others. These are placed in the categories below.

Terms and Conditions

Kroescontrol BV uses the general terms and conditions as drawn up by the trade association NLdigital. The NLdigital Terms and Conditions apply to all our offers and agreements. You can read the NLdigital conditions here to look at. The NLdigital conditions have been filed by NLdigital with the Central Netherlands District Court, Utrecht location.


Kroescontrol BV would like to welcome you to www.kroescontrol.nl. We do our very best to offer you the clearest and clearest possible website. Yet it can happen that we make a mistake. We can therefore give you no guarantee or claim as to accuracy, completeness or topicality with regard to the information on this site. This information is intended solely as general information.

Third party information

Others also make mistakes sometimes. Kroescontrol BV is therefore not liable for the included links to third-party websites or services.


All intellectual property rights offered via the website remain with Kroescontrol BV. You may therefore not copy, download or otherwise appropriate and make public any images, texts, logos, GIFs and the like that are on the website without our permission. You may print and/or download information from this website for personal use.

Privacy Policy & Cookies

Privacy-sensitive data, or personal data, is processed via our website. Kroescontrol considers careful handling of personal data to be of great importance. Personal data is therefore carefully processed and secured by us. You find here our complete privacy statement

Abuse Notice and Takedown

Kroescontrol keeps its network free of systems that cause nuisance and uses an abuse, notice and takedown procedure for complaints about its customers.


If you feel that your rights have been violated by one of our customers, Kroescontrol will mediate between you and our customer. If this does not provide a solution, we must make an assessment based on the complaint and the legal regulations. In the case of clearly unlawful material, Kroescontrol can in some cases make material inaccessible. If you want to make a notice and takedown request, you can send this notification to sec@kroescontrol.nl or via the contact details on our contact page.


Kroescontrol customers are prohibited from sending spam. In this case, e-mail is about consent, but sometimes also about content. The definition is “consent, not content”: whether it is a commercial, religious or cultural e-mail, it is prohibited if there is no permission is required. In addition, there are various other conditions that the content of an email must meet. If all conditions are not met, sending that email is not only punishable, but also contrary to the Kroescontrol conditions.

If you have any complaints about such emails from a customer of ours, you can send this report to sec@kroescontrol.nl or via the contact details on our contact page. We may always change the information provided without informing you. It is therefore advisable to regularly check whether the information you need has changed.
We wish you a lot of reading pleasure and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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