By thinking in steps and phases, we deliver future-oriented and sustainable solutions.

From independent research to management

Our organization consists exclusively of technicians who, together with you, aim to arrive at the best solution. We find nothing more annoying than divestments! 

Even though every project is different and often tailor-made, we like to go through the steps below with our clients. 

We also offer the option to have a horizontal quotation, IT architecture or research documentation from, for example, another supplier assessed.

100% involvement

From research to support

Every project has a head and a tail. On this page we would like to show you which steps we prefer to go through with our clients. 

Independent research or advice

Even before the start of a project, it is necessary to investigate whether the right questions have been asked. And whether the current IT architecture is fully visible.

Sprint 0

Every project starts – or should start – with identifying assumptions, wishes, requirements and (im)possibilities, the discovery phase or Sprint 0. In short, a project preparatory phase, determining scope.

Phase 1 to ...

Realization of the project. From proof of concept to production ready state and ultimately go live. A project can consist of different phases, depending on the size of the project.

Continuous improvement

After delivery, there will always be ongoing issues that need to be addressed. This falls under continuous improvement. 

Code awesome shit!

Our strength

Kroescontrol is your technical sparring partner specialized in automation issues. We are happy to provide organizations with the best and most sustainable solutions. Challenges don't scare us!

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